You can download any of the catalogues below for viewing at your convenience.

3M petrifilm plates

3M Petrifilm Plates

An all in 1 solution for food safety analysis and colony counting.

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LeadFluid Peristaltic Pumps 

LeadFluid's range of peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps, pump heads and accessories.

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DLab Liquid Handling 

High quality mechanical and electronic pipettors from DLab.

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GVS SEPARA syringeless vials

GVS SEPARA Syringeless vials 

Just Press and Go! with GVS' range of syringeless vials with integrated auto sampler vial, filtration membrane, plunger and cap / septa, all in one simple device.

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Nabertherm cover

Nabertherm Furnaces 

With 70 years experience, Nabertherm offer a quality German made furnace with intuitive and smart operating controls for dependable and reliable results.

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polyscience pdf thumb

PolyScience Chillers 

See our range of PolyScience laboratory benchtop chillers .

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Chromatography Catalogue cover 


Rowe Scientific stocks a range of vials, inserts, closures and septa for all your chromatography requirements.
We stock chromatography vials and caps for GC / HPLC, headspace and storage of liquid samples, together with a range of crimping caps and tools.

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Schools Catalogue 2017

Schools Catalogue 2017-2018

A School Catalogue specifically compiled for laboratories within the Education sector.
Best viewed in Adobe Acrobat reader. Get Adobe Acrobat reader HERE.

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452 Filbio microfiltration generic flyer A4 

Microfiltration and laboratory filter accessories

We stock syringe filters, membranes and filter accessories to cover your laboratory  filtration needs.

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Rowe Scientific improved packaging 

Rowe Scientific Improved Packaging

In the interest of safety, we have migrated to our proven vented cap and heavy duty plastic bottle.

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VELP DUMAS vs Kjeldahl flyer cover 


The NDA is extremely versatile, being suitable for nitrogen and protein determination in many kinds of samples, in accordance with official AOAC, AACC, ASBC, ISO and OIV methods

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VER SER 158 flyer cover 

VELP SER 158 series

With the option of 3 or 6 simultaneous determinations, the Velp SER 158 series of fully automated solvent extractors offer state-of-the-art technology for fast high sample throughput, and precise, accurate fat determination in accordance to the Randall or Twisselmann techniques.

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VELP World product brochure cover 

VELP World product brochure

Take a look at the range of quality European VELP laboratory equipment, from their Environmental, Food and Feed and Stirring lines. To find out more, download the brochure by clicking on the link below or contact your local Rowe Scientific consultant.

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VELP Food catalogue cover 

VELP Food and Feed Sciences catalogue

Featuring nitrogen/protein determination, DUMAS/combustion method, shelf life investigation, fat extraction, raw fiber extraction, and dietary fiber extraction.

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VELP Stirring Catalogue cover 

VELP Stirring Line catalogue

Featuring heating magnetic stirrers, thermoregulators, heating plates, overhead stirrers, vortex stirrers, vortex mixers/shakers and homogenisers.

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VELP Environment Catalogue cover 

VELP Environmental Line catalogue

Featuring chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) incubators, nitrogen determination, flocculators, overhead mixers, trace metal determination, turbidimeter and radiation detectors.

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Rowe Scientific 2018 Wall Planner 

Rowe Scientific 2018 Wall Planner

Rowe Scientific PTY LTD Wall planner and organiser for 2018.

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Vintage Catalogue Rowe Scientific 2018 

Vintage 2017 - 18 Edition 13

Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd. Winery  laboratory products  catalogue - Edition 13.

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Rowe Scientific Food and Feed Catalogue cover 

Food and Feed Sciences catalogue 2016 

Rowe Scientific PTY LTD Food and Feed Sciences - Laboratory Products Edition 1 catalogue.

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Rowe Scientific Tarsons Filter Tips Catalogue cover 

Filter Tips - Tarsons

MAXIPENSE Ultra Low Retention Filter Tips by Tarsons. Sterile racked samples tips are available to evaluate as required. Contact your local Rowe Scientific consultant to find out more.

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478 Tarsons Measuring cylinders_Page_1 

Measuring Cylinders - Tarsons

Class A plastic (TPX) measuring cylinders are now available at Rowe Scientific.

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Rowe Scientific Brand Sheet Catalogue cover 

Rowe Scientific Product Brand Sheet

A sample of what Rowe Scientific can provide. To find out more, download the PDF below or contact your local Rowe Scientific consultant.

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Stomacher Bags flyer cover 

GRADE Stomacher Bags

GRADE laboratory stomacher bags are consistently reliable, robust and have a negligibly low failure rate. Contact Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd to discuss your volume needs and how we can keep you supplied.

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Brand Dispensette flyer cover 

BRAND Dispensette S Liquid Dispensor

The Dispensette® S range of liquid dispensers, with recirculating valve technology, are ideal for dispensing aggressive and non aggressive reagents safely, reliably and quickly.

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Rowe Scientific product catalogue 

Rowe Scientific Product Catalogue

Edition 4 of the Rowe Scientific product catalogue.

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Koehler Catalogue cover 


Product catalogue for Oil and Gas Laboratories.

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Burkle Catalogue cover 

Burkle brochure

Sampling products.

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XRF XRD SOMAR Sample preparation

XRF XRD cups made by Rowe Scientific under the SOMAR brand.

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Nasco Whirl-pak bags catalogue 2016 

Whirl-Pak Laboratory Sampling Products

High quality and durable laboratory sampling products.

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