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The ideal test to determine the air release properties of petroleum oils.

31 Jul 2019

Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd would like to announce the latest product from Koehler, the K88539 Automatic Air Release Value Analyser. This innovative instrument is commonly used to determine the ability of a turbine, hydraulic or lubricating oil to separate entrained air. This is a key performance characteristic in applications where agitation causes a dispersion of air bubbles in the oil.

The test method

In order to discern air release properties, the sample is heated to a specified test temperature and blown with compressed air. After the air flow is ceased, the time required for the air entrained in the oil to reduce in volume to 0.2% gives the air bubble separation duration.

Key features

596-koehler-air-release-analyser_03Includes an integrated touch screen control panel, which guides the user from start to finish of the test operation, and provides density calculations and timing operations for measuring the air release value of the test sample. 

The test unit conforms to the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) D3427, IP313 and related specifications. Included is an integrated circulating bath and balance, an air bath for the sinker, an automatic lift system that moves the test vessel from air source to balance sinker, and also automatically measures the time for air release for maximum convenience and reliability.


Other state-of-the-art features include an integrated circulation bath with water level indicator, integrated balance, air tube security clamp mechanism and automatic jacketed test vessel draining.

Safety features include compressed air heater overtemperature and overpressure protection circuitry. 

Included accessories

  • Sinkers, 5mL and 10mL
  • Integrated Balance
  • Integrated Circulator
  • Air Bath for Sinker
  • Tubing and Fittings
  • Platinum Wire
  • Jacketed Test Vessel

A drying oven is available as a supplemental accessory for warming test oil to temperatures of up to 100°C


Temperature range: Ambient to 75°C

Sample Temperature Stability: ±0.1 °C

Air Temperature Stability:  ±0.2 °C

Density: ±0.001 g/mL

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For further information or for a quote please contact your nearest Rowe Scientific representative.

The ideal test to determine the air  release properties of petroleum oils.

Is filtration an important part of a laboratory workflow?

30 Jan 2019

If you work in the field of environmental management, industrial quality control or life science, it is imperative that you have the support of a knowledgeable representative who can supply your laboratory with the correct products to accomplish your filtration goals.

With samples requiring filtration, the traditional procedure sees the liquid poured onto a filter paper in a funnel, with the particulate/solid suspended being retained, and liquid slowly collecting in a receiver.

Laboratory filtration with the aid of a vacuum pressure gradient, is a fast and efficient way to filter and obtain your sample. As vacuum is used to aid filtration, the resulting particulate is dryer as opposed to using a more passive, gravity fed system. The filtrate can be collected into a flask via the use of a vacuum manifold.

Rowe Scientific have a range of products to cater for varying vacuum filtration scenarios. We offer 3 or 6 place manifolds, filter holders and receivers, funnels, flasks, tubing, vacuum pumps, connectors and more. We have created 2 kits which enable an easy initial set up for most laboratory applications.

We currently have a great price deal on vacuum filtration kits. Click here to download the PDF brochure.

Contact us today to start building the right vacuum filtration setup for your laboratory.

Is filtration an important part of a laboratory workflow?

Client Spotlight – The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation

29 Aug 2018

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation is a cancer research, education and treatment centre dedicated in the search for cancer cures. It currently is Australia’s only public hospital which is solely dedicated to caring and treating people affected by cancer.

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation currently employs over 2,500 staff, including more than 580 laboratory and clinical researchers, all focused on providing treatments, care and potential cures for cancer.

Rowe Scientific recently held a morning tea showcasing various life science products of interest to the Foundation such as pipettors, nucleic acid extraction kits, specialised gloves, freezer storage, and small laboratory equipment to name a few.

We thank the scientists, technicians, and laboratory managers who stopped by to discuss their various needs and requirements.

Rowe Scientific will continue to supply and support The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation with their laboratory needs in order to continue their search for a cure.

To learn more about The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation, visit their web site here.

Client Spotlight – The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation