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How to Boost Automation and Efficiency in your Laboratory

03 May 2021

The VELP Ermes cloud platform is an online web based data and instrument management tool with the power and versatility to improve your laboratory workflow. 

Watch how you can transition from time-consuming paper or spreadsheets management to a data-rich modern technology Cloud Platform with VELP ERMES and selected VELP laboratory instruments. This cloud based solution can help you monitor and manage multiple instruments and consumables from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone. 

With real time visualisation of your analysis and instrument working conditions, VELP Ermes offers peace of mind and total control of your VELP instruments thanks to the ability in remotely stopping the instrument from anywhere via your smart device or computer. Your important data is safely stored with the maximum level of encryption following the highest cyber-security standards.

To learn more about how the Ermes Cloud platform can optimise your laboratory workflow, click the below video to watch a recorded webinar presentation with VELP product and instrumentation experts.


How to Boost Automation and Efficiency in your Laboratory

Safe and Reliable Vaccine Storage with Haier Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

14 Dec 2020

A vaccine is a biological substance which becomes less effective or in a worst-case scenario, completely destroyed when the recommended storage temperatures are not strictly adhered to. Therefore, the safe and reliable cold storage of vaccines, right up to when it is administered to the patient is critical. 

The Haier Biomedical Under-bench 100L ULT freezer is an ideal choice in ensuring an essential part of the ‘cold chain’ is adhered to with the added peace of mind of a dedicated purpose-built laboratory ultra-low temperature freezer.

The Haier Biomedical Under-bench 100L ULT freezer is also an ideal choice for industries in research, hospitals, disease prevention & control centres, blood stations, scientific research institutes, electronics, chemical enterprise laboratories and biomedical engineering research institutes. 


With a capacity of 100L, this freezer can store up to 6000 samples. With an overall height of 810mm the unit will fit under most laboratory benchtops for convenient and economical use of space. Additionally, two freezers can be stacked on top of each other eliminating the need for extra laboratory floor space. 

With an impressive low overall power consumption of only 5.5 kWh/day, it helps keep your laboratory running costs at a minimum. This is achieved by the use of an efficient hydrocarbon compressor, multi-layered seals and a dual door design to eliminate cold energy losses when opening and closing the freezer compartment.

A clever noise reduction cabinet and system design emits a low sound level of only 46.8dB thus reducing overall noise emissions and ensuring a comfortable working environment within your laboratory. The added security of an integrated keyed locking mechanism with the provision of an addition padlock ensures your valuable samples are kept safe.

Connectivity is provided by a USB interface for access to historical data from the inbuilt sensors. A remote alarm port and an RS-485 interface facilitates easy connection to your laboratory management system, alerting the laboratory manager should there be a fault.

We have more models available in various capacities, performance and technological features.


For further information download the Haier product catalogue, or contact us directly below.


Safe and Reliable Vaccine Storage with Haier Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Charm Sciences introduces the novaLUM II-X system for hygiene control

08 Dec 2020

Rowe Scientific offers the Charm Sciences novaLUM II-X system for rapid ATP (adenosine triphosphate) detection. Used with PocketSwab Plus, verification of surface hygiene is achieved in only 5 seconds. PocketSwab Plus detects even the lowest levels of ATP, minimising the risk of product recalls, reduced shelf life and cross contamination.

Increase efficiency, remove the guesswork, view the invisible.

  • EASY – any operator can run a test with minimal training
  • HACCP-compliant – novaLINK 5 software for data management
  • FAST – real time results in 5 seconds for immediate corrective action
  • SPACE SAVING – PocketSwab Plus is room temperature-stable

Used by food and beverage manufacturers, pharma and healthcare industries alike, PocketSwab Plus provides an objective tool for hygiene monitoring. PocketSwab Plus rapidly verifies a surface is clean so that operators can confidently proceed with their work safely, or immediately implement corrective action. Contact your Rowe Account Manager for more information and to schedule an obligation-free demonstration.

Let Charm novaLUM II-X make the invisible visible.
Charm Sciences novaLUM II-X can verify and document high-touch surface cleaning effectiveness in just 5 seconds.
Look no further than Charm novaLUM II-X ATP Detection System for verification of your cleaning.
  • Real time verification of cleaning – fix now before it’s too late.
  • Detection of ATP within microbial biofilms with Charm’s unique swab chemistry
  • Pre-delivery programming of the novaLUM II-X with your site-specific sampling plan
  • Room temperature-stable PocketSwab. Used with the novaLUM II-X, your result in 5 seconds
  • Audit-compliant (>16,000 stored readings, Re-test option, Swab site location)
  • Advanced sensitivity
  • PocketSwabs™ are room temperature stable
  • Free software and audit compliant
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Sodium Azide free swabs

Charm Sciences Hygiene Rowe Scientific


Charm Sciences introduces the novaLUM II-X system for hygiene control