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Our Vision

We are the preferred scientific supplier in our geographical region; a profitable company with which customers can identify and one where our dedicated staff are of paramount importance through their hard work, providence of goodwill and committed customer service.

Our Mission

The purpose of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd is to keep our clients supplied with the scientific items they need to do their work.


We offer a comprehensive range of everyday common laboratory products to help keep your laboratory working, which include buffers, plasticware, glassware, filtration membranes and papers plus more.  Talk to one our account managers and discover our comprehensive range.


We are specialists in chemicals. As well as supplying all familiar brands, such as Ajax, Chem Supply and Merck, we can formulate and produce custom compounds for specific client needs.


Need an unusual or unique compound or piece of equipment for a specific process in your laboratory? Rowe Scientific specialises in working with clients to design and produce customised solutions to scientific problems. For example, we manufacture accurate strength chemical calibration solutions, engine coolant and racks or trays for dedicated laboratory applications. Our professional team is accustomed to dealing efficiently with unusual or extraordinary scientific requirements.


Where larger quantities of chemicals are required, Rowe Scientific can supply them in bulk, resulting in more efficient delivery and cost savings. Some of the compounds we routinely deliver in bulk are engine coolant, organic solvents, mineral acids and swimming pool chemicals. The company imports and manufactures an extensive range of chemicals for industrial, commercial, laboratory and domestic use. Our industrial chemists can investigate a problem, design a solution and supply the reagents in sufficient quantities to complete the task.


The company supplies a comprehensive range of test kits, including instruments, specially designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of organisations who undertake constant monitoring of air and water quality, effluent and other substances that may have an impact on the environment.


Rowe Scientific has a complete range of scientific instruments, for use in all types of laboratories and applications. Our clients include educational institutions, research and development organisations, clinical and analytical laboratories.


Qualified technicians are available to carry out repairs and service on a wide range of scientific equipment. All work is carried out in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality procedures