Funke Gerber Instruments

21 Apr 2021

Do you work in the dairy industry?
Do you require instrumentation and consumables for testing?
We supply your requirements for the following applications:
  • Farm gate testing for antibiotics
  • Hygiene testing
  • Laboratory testing
    • Cheese manufacture
    • Yoghurt manufacture
    • Liquid milk processing
    • Milk powder manufacture
Rowe Scientific is ready to supply your manufacturing facility or testing laboratory with the equipment you require.
Sampling devices
Sampling devices for taking measured samples of milk, cheese and yoghurt for further analysis. Made from quality stainless steel for longevity and ease of cleaning and sanitising.
Types of sampling devices available are as follows:
  • Milk dipper
  • Butter triers
  • Cheese triers
  • Dosing syringes 
Milk butyrometer
Measuring devices for the determination of fat content in milk. Made of borosilicate glass, plain neck or ring neck, closed bulb with a frosted label, without stopper.
Types of butyrometers availble are as follows:
  • Milk butyrometer Original Gerber
  • Butyrometer for cream, ice cream and condensed milk
  • Butyrometer for cheese and curd
  • Butter butyrometer
  • Dry milk butyrometer
Butyrometer racks
For stable supply and transporting of butyrometers.
Can be used in a water bath or in a dry state.
  • Made of heat and chemical resistant polypropylene or aluminum
  • Available in:
    Rack for 12 butyrometers (2 x 6 positions), 
    Rack for 36 butyrometers (6 x 6 positions) and Rack for 36 butyrometers (3 x 12 positions).
Centrifuge Micro III with universal rotor and Babcock sleeves
Gerber Instruments has developed the Gerber Micro III specifically for the determination of fat in milk and milk products.
  • Can be used for fat determination according to either the Gerber or by the Babcock method
  • Built with a strong sheet metal outter housing construction with an acid resistent paint finish
  • Cover lock to prevent opening of the centrifuge while in operation for added safety
  • High quality rotor bearing for a smooth and quiet operation
  • Unbalanced rotor detection to prevent glass breakage within the rotor housing
Gerber Micro III Technical Specifications
ControlMicroprocessor control
Timer0-99 min
Heating600 W adjustable up to 65 °C
Gerber rotorwith 8 or 12 Butyrometer sleeves
Universal rotorwith 8 Babcock sleeves
Voltage115 / 230 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Dimensions (W × D × H)430 × 530 × 280 mm
Weight26 kg with rotor without sleeves
Warranty2 years