Western Sydney University Rowe Scientific Chemistry Scholarship

30 Jan 2018

In Georgia's own words;

“I am a hard-working and determined individual who wants to use chemistry to better healthcare and the environment. Over the past year, I have been doing undergraduate research with potential anticancer agents, under the supervision of Janice Aldrich-Wright; focusing on synthesis and characterisation of platinum metal-ligand complexes - some of which are more cytotoxic than cisplatin!

This summer, I have received a summer scholarship with CSIRO Energy in Newcastle, and will be developing catalysts to transform carbon dioxide into usable materials, to reduce air pollution.

Receiving recognition for hard work is always a great feeling, however it is simply icing on the cake, because using chemistry to solve big problems is reward enough. Next year, I aim to study a Masters of Philosophy at Western Sydney University and this scholarship has eased a significant amount of financial burden off of my shoulders for next year. I am extremely grateful for this prestigious scholarship - and I hope to make the donors proud with my research over the next few years.”