The University of Adelaide 2017 Rowe Scientific Chemistry Scholarship Recipients

30 Jan 2018

Ms Jessica De La Perrelle

In Jessica's own words;

I moved from the country to the University of Adelaide because of the high quality of teaching. From a young age I was passionate about 'saving the world' via sustainable technologies and still hope to work one day in research in the sustainable technology field.

I intend to graduate with honours in either physical chemistry or physics. Receiving this scholarship has had a significant positive impact and I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous support.

My intense study load means I have little time for a part time job, and rely on savings and family for financial support. The scholarship contributed to easing my anxiety and financial pressures, enabled me to purchase a new laptop, and allowed me to focus on my university studies.

This scholarship has helped me to realise a lifelong dream of researching improvements to sustainable technologies. In addition, I would like to thank you for making the scholarship available to rural, regional and remote students, as the transition to university is often so much more complex for them, and I would love to see more rural students succeeding at university.

brandtMr Brandt Dolic

In Brandt's own words;

I have enjoyed my studies at the University of Adelaide and hope to one day complete a PhD and work in the research area.

My favourite thing at the University is The Braggs Laboratory and the investment and facilities they have put into the research area.

This scholarship has allowed me to focus more on studies rather than be distracted with juggling the financial issues that come with moving states.

Thank you for believing in the future I want to achieve. I really enjoy synthetic chemistry and wish to continue my studies further representing this scholarship.

Thank you very much for your support.