Product Review of the new Haier CO₂ Incubator

01 Jul 2021

Rowe Scientific would like to introduce an informative and in-depth look into the HCP-168 Haier CO Incubator. This is a part of our “Product Review” series of videos which are designed to show you key features and benefits from our quality range of instruments and consumables. In order to be notified of future reviews please visit our YouTube page and subscribe to our channel.

The Haier Biomedical CO Incubator with Internet of Things (IoT) functionality and a 180°C dry heat sterilisation feature, provides a safe reproducible growth environment for biological cell cultures.

Ideal for use in a typical Life Science Laboratory setting with the added benefit and flexibility of installing in an under-bench setting, or even in a stacked configuration. Please see our video review below: 

The key features and benefits of the Haier HCP-168 CO incubator are as follows: 

  • Uniform and Stable Temperature:
    Temperature is precisely controlled within the fluctuation range of ±0.1℃ to ensure the normal growth of cells throughout their life cycle.
  • Precise CO Concentration:
    A new type of IR sensor controls CO concentration sensitively to keep the culture medium stable in a weak alkaline environment.
  • 180℃ Dry-heat Sterilization:
    Easy and effective sterilization of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and strong resistant microplasma, all achievable at 180°C high temperatures without the need for consumables. Simply press the “sterilization key” to activate and complete the sterilization process automatically in just 12 hours.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Mobile Application: The operation of incubator can be monitored at any time through a mobile APP or computer terminal. The alarm and service functions are available with just the touch of a button.

Above is an example of the abilities of the Haier CO Incubator. Should you require further product information or purchasing details, please contact us by clicking the link below.

Click here to download the Haier Brochure