Make the change, make the GRADE!

16 Aug 2018

If you’re looking for a cost effective and high quality stomacher bag, then the UK made GRADE range may be the smart choice for your laboratory. GRADE have been manufacturing laboratory bags for over 40 years.

The full range of homogeniser/blender and separator bags come in a range of sizes from 80mL to 3500mL and available in straight or curved bottom, with or without filters. Also available are GRADE disposable straws to pipette samples after homogenisation.

GRADE bags are suitable for all types of blender machines and are made to exacting standards. Leading laboratories world-wide use GRADE bags due to their durable composition and the extremely low likelihood of bags bursting when in use.  GRADE bags are manufactured under an ISO 9001 approved quality control system, and have a negligible failure rate.

Grade have made a robust bag by using the correct blend of polymers (high quality, food grade LDPE) for superior strength and elasticity. They are tested up to eight times the normal usage to ensure each individually numbered and traceable batch is up to standard.

The easy-to-open double size (4mm) seal make any faults totally visible, giving you the added security of no leakage. GRADE bags are Gamma irradiated for sample integrity and have a minimum shelf life of five years.

Test them for yourself, ask us for samples. Standard homogeniser/blender bags are available in three sizes 80, 400 and 3500mL. Separator bags come in two types; 400mL with curved or straight bottoms. Call your local Rowe Scientific representative and make the GRADE.