Is filtration an important part of a laboratory workflow?

30 Jan 2019

If you work in the field of environmental management, industrial quality control or life science, it is imperative that you have the support of a knowledgeable representative who can supply your laboratory with the correct products to accomplish your filtration goals.

With samples requiring filtration, the traditional procedure sees the liquid poured onto a filter paper in a funnel, with the particulate/solid suspended being retained, and liquid slowly collecting in a receiver.

Laboratory filtration with the aid of a vacuum pressure gradient, is a fast and efficient way to filter and obtain your sample. As vacuum is used to aid filtration, the resulting particulate is dryer as opposed to using a more passive, gravity fed system. The filtrate can be collected into a flask via the use of a vacuum manifold.

Rowe Scientific have a range of products to cater for varying vacuum filtration scenarios. We offer 3 or 6 place manifolds, filter holders and receivers, funnels, flasks, tubing, vacuum pumps, connectors and more. We have created 2 kits which enable an easy initial set up for most laboratory applications.

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