How to Boost Automation and Efficiency in your Laboratory

03 May 2021

The VELP Ermes cloud platform is an online web based data and instrument management tool with the power and versatility to improve your laboratory workflow. 

Watch how you can transition from time-consuming paper or spreadsheets management to a data-rich modern technology Cloud Platform with VELP ERMES and selected VELP laboratory instruments. This cloud based solution can help you monitor and manage multiple instruments and consumables from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone. 

With real time visualisation of your analysis and instrument working conditions, VELP Ermes offers peace of mind and total control of your VELP instruments thanks to the ability in remotely stopping the instrument from anywhere via your smart device or computer. Your important data is safely stored with the maximum level of encryption following the highest cyber-security standards.

To learn more about how the Ermes Cloud platform can optimise your laboratory workflow, click the below video to watch a recorded webinar presentation with VELP product and instrumentation experts.