Koehler Flash Point Analyser and Heated Oil Centrifuge

09 Feb 2018

Koehler Flash Point Analyser

Flash Point by Automated Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Analyser


Test method for flash point determination of biodiesel, distillate fuels, new lubricating oils, residual fuel oils, cutback residua, used lubricating oils, mixtures of petroleum liquids with solids and petroleum liquids that tend to form a surface film during testing.


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Koehler Flash Point Analyser close up

Automated Pensky-Martens Flash Point Analyser

  • Conforms to ASTM D93 and related specifications
  • Flash Point Detection by thermocouple and ionisation ring
  • Electric or gas ignition: software selectable, user friendly manual switching
  • Flash point operation range between Ambient and 405°C
  • Integrated dual fan system directly cools test cup and surrounding environment
  • 8.4” LCD touch screen interface makes for easy viewing and navigation
  • Automatic barometric pressure correction
  • Fire suppression system floods instrument with inert gas in the event of a fire (requires external gas supply)


Koehler automated heated oil centrifuge

Automated Heated Oil Test Centrifuge


The Koehler centrifuge provides a convenient means of determining sediment and water content in crude oil, fuel oils, middle distillate fuels and biodiesel.

Also used in determining the precipitation number, demulsibility characteristics, trace sediments and insolubles in used lubricating oils.


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